Gen Z is headed for a career calamity


The article discusses the potential impact of AI-powered chatbots on Generation Z employees and their relationship with their bosses. It highlights a recent study that found that Gen Z workers are more likely to confide in AI chatbots about their workplace issues rather than their human supervisors. The study suggests that this preference for AI chatbots may be due to Gen Z’s comfort with technology and their desire for unbiased and non-judgmental advice.

The article also mentions that AI chatbots have the potential to replace human bosses altogether. It cites the example of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can provide coaching, feedback, and guidance to employees. This could lead to significant changes in the role of HR leaders, as they may need to adapt to managing AI chatbots as supervisors.

The key takeaway for HR leaders is the importance of understanding and embracing AI technology in the workplace. Gen Z employees are likely to be more comfortable with AI chatbots, and HR leaders should consider incorporating them into their employee support systems. However, it is important to strike a balance between AI and human interaction, as employees still value the personal touch and empathy that human supervisors provide. HR leaders should also be prepared for potential changes in their roles and responsibilities as AI chatbots become more prevalent in the workplace.