Reinventing the Workplace with a Two-Gear Approach


The article discusses the concept of a “two-gear” approach to reinventing the workplace. The first gear focuses on managing the immediate crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, while the second gear focuses on building a sustainable future for the organization. HR leaders play a crucial role in both gears.

In the first gear, HR leaders need to prioritize employee safety and well-being. This includes implementing remote work policies, ensuring employees have the necessary technology and support, and addressing mental health concerns. HR leaders should also focus on crisis management, including contingency planning and communication strategies.

In the second gear, HR leaders need to shift their focus to long-term strategies. This includes reimagining the workplace and adopting flexible work arrangements. HR leaders should also prioritize reskilling and upskilling employees to meet the changing demands of the future. Additionally, they need to build a culture of trust and transparency to foster employee engagement and productivity.

Key takeaways for HR leaders include the importance of agility and adaptability in managing the crisis and planning for the future. They should also prioritize employee well-being and invest in technology to support remote work. Building a resilient and inclusive workplace culture is crucial for long-term success. HR leaders should also embrace data and analytics to make informed decisions and drive organizational change.