Employees Seek Personal Value and Purpose at Work. Be Prepared to Deliver.


The article discusses the growing importance of personal value and purpose in the workplace, and how HR leaders should be prepared to address this shift. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, employees are increasingly seeking personal fulfillment and meaning in their jobs. They want their work to align with their values and contribute to a larger purpose. This trend is particularly prevalent among younger workers, who prioritize purpose over other factors like compensation and career advancement.

The key takeaway for HR leaders is that they need to adapt their strategies to attract and retain top talent in this changing landscape. They should focus on creating a work environment that fosters personal growth and purpose, as well as providing opportunities for employees to make a meaningful impact. This could include initiatives such as employee volunteer programs, corporate social responsibility efforts, and career development programs that align with individual values.

Additionally, HR leaders should prioritize open communication and transparency to help employees understand the organization’s mission and how their work contributes to it. They should also consider implementing flexible work arrangements and offering a range of benefits that support employees’ personal well-being and work-life balance.

Overall, HR leaders need to recognize the importance of personal value and purpose in the workplace and proactively address it to attract and retain top talent.