How to Attract and Retain Talent When You Don’t Have All the Money in the World


Sixty percent of HR leaders are significantly concerned about employee turnover, and 62% of candidates have explored a career change in the last year. Top that off with the fact that a recent Gartner survey showed nearly three-quarters of candidates who receive a job offer have at least one other offer on the table, and it’s clear that attracting and retaining talent is a top-of-mind challenge for all business leaders.

We also know that 41% of managers report needing to increase base salary an average of 15% to backfill roles. It raises the question, how can leaders attract and retain top talent if their budgets don’t support this level of funding? Graham Waller, a Distinguished VP Analyst on Gartner’s digital business leadership research team, and Jamie Kohn, a Research Director in our human resources practice join us today to discuss just that.