Penalties for public servants who won’t go back to office to be handled individually


The Canadian government is leaving the decision of returning to the office to individual public servants, with penalties to be handled on a case-by-case basis. The government’s approach is in contrast to some private sector companies that have mandated a return to the office. The decision to return to the office or continue remote work is being left up to each employee’s discretion, taking into account their personal circumstances and the nature of their work. This flexible approach recognizes that some employees may have valid reasons for not wanting to return to the office, such as health concerns or caregiving responsibilities. HR leaders should take note of this approach, as it highlights the importance of considering individual needs and circumstances when making decisions about remote work. It also emphasizes the need for clear communication and understanding between employers and employees regarding expectations and any potential penalties for not returning to the office. Overall, this approach demonstrates a shift towards a more employee-centric approach to remote work and workplace flexibility.