Preventive Dental Benefits Save Employers Money


The article discusses the importance of dental benefits for employers and the potential cost savings associated with offering such benefits to employees. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), dental benefits are one of the most popular and valued benefits offered by employers. The article highlights several key takeaways that HR leaders should consider.

Firstly, dental benefits can help attract and retain top talent. The survey found that 88% of employees consider dental benefits to be an important factor when choosing a job, and 82% said they would be more likely to stay with their current employer because of the dental benefits offered.

Secondly, dental benefits can lead to cost savings for employers. The article cites studies that have shown a link between good oral health and overall health, leading to reduced healthcare costs for employers. By promoting preventive care and early intervention through dental benefits, employers can potentially save money in the long run.

Furthermore, dental benefits can improve employee productivity and morale. The article states that employees with dental benefits are more likely to visit the dentist regularly, resulting in better oral health and less time off work for dental issues.

In conclusion, offering dental benefits can be a valuable investment for employers. It can help attract and retain employees, lead to cost savings, and improve overall employee well-being and productivity. HR leaders should consider the importance of dental benefits in their benefits package and the potential impact it can have on their organization.