Sending public servants back to the office could create logistical nightmare, warns union boss


The article discusses the potential challenges and logistical nightmares that could arise from sending public servants back to the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The union boss warns that returning employees to the workplace could lead to overcrowding in public transportation, difficulties in maintaining physical distancing, and increased exposure to the virus. The union also highlights the need for proper safety measures and protocols to be in place before any return to the office is considered. The article emphasizes the importance of HR leaders taking into account the concerns and safety of their employees when making decisions about returning to the office. It suggests that HR leaders should prioritize employee well-being and consider alternative arrangements, such as remote work or staggered schedules, to ensure the safety and productivity of their workforce. The key takeaway for HR leaders is the need to carefully assess the risks and challenges associated with returning to the office and to implement strategies that prioritize employee safety and well-being.