The perks and incentives coaxing workers back to the office


The article discusses various perks and incentives that companies are using to encourage employees to return to the office. It highlights the importance of creating a positive work environment and offers insights that can be valuable for HR leaders.

Key takeaways for HR leaders:

1. The importance of a positive work environment: Companies are realizing the significance of creating a work environment that employees enjoy and feel comfortable in. This includes factors such as office design, amenities, and social spaces.

2. Flexible work options: While many employees have become accustomed to remote work during the pandemic, HR leaders should consider offering flexible work options as a way to entice employees back to the office. This could involve hybrid work models or the ability to choose specific days to work from home.

3. Health and safety measures: HR leaders need to prioritize the health and safety of employees in the office. Implementing strict hygiene protocols, providing personal protective equipment, and ensuring proper ventilation are crucial in creating a safe work environment.

4. Wellness programs: Companies are increasingly investing in wellness programs to support employee well-being. HR leaders can consider offering on-site fitness facilities, mental health resources, and wellness activities to promote a healthy work-life balance.

5. Social events and team building: To foster a sense of community and connection, HR leaders should organize social events and team-building activities. This can help employees feel more engaged and connected to their colleagues.

6. Career development opportunities: Employees may be more motivated to return to the office if they see opportunities for career growth and development. HR leaders should focus on providing training programs, mentoring opportunities, and clear pathways for advancement.

7. Communication and transparency: Clear and transparent communication is essential in addressing employees’ concerns and uncertainties about returning to the office. HR leaders should regularly update employees on safety measures, company policies, and any changes in the work environment.

Overall, HR leaders should prioritize creating a positive work environment, offering flexibility, ensuring health and safety, and providing opportunities for growth and development to encourage employees to return to the office.