When Someone on Your Team has Chronic Pain


The article discusses the challenges faced by employees with chronic pain and provides insights for HR leaders on how to support and accommodate these individuals in the workplace. Chronic pain affects a significant portion of the workforce, leading to decreased productivity and increased healthcare costs. HR leaders should prioritize creating a culture of empathy and understanding where employees feel comfortable disclosing their chronic pain conditions. This can be achieved through education and awareness programs that destigmatize chronic pain and promote empathy among colleagues. Additionally, HR leaders should work closely with employees to develop personalized accommodations that address their specific needs. These accommodations may include flexible work schedules, ergonomic adjustments, and access to support resources. It is crucial for HR leaders to communicate openly with employees and create an environment where they can openly discuss their pain and any necessary accommodations. By doing so, HR leaders can help alleviate the physical and emotional burden of chronic pain, resulting in improved employee well-being, engagement, and productivity.