Zoom acquires Ireland-based employee communications platform Workvivo


Video conferencing platform Zoom has announced its acquisition of employee communications platform Workvivo. The Ireland-based company offers a platform that enables organizations to connect and engage with their employees through a range of features, including news feeds, surveys, and recognition tools. The acquisition is expected to enhance Zoom’s existing communication capabilities, allowing it to offer a more comprehensive suite of solutions for remote work and employee engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work and highlighted the importance of effective employee communication and engagement. HR leaders are increasingly recognizing the need for tools and platforms that facilitate collaboration and maintain employee morale in a remote work environment. The acquisition of Workvivo by Zoom is a strategic move to address this growing demand and position Zoom as a leader in the remote work space.

Key takeaways for HR leaders include the importance of investing in employee communication and engagement tools, especially in the context of remote work. The acquisition of Workvivo by Zoom provides HR leaders with a comprehensive solution that combines video conferencing with employee communication and engagement features. This integrated approach can help organizations foster a sense of connection and collaboration among remote teams, ultimately improving productivity and employee satisfaction. HR leaders should consider evaluating and implementing similar tools to support their remote workforce and ensure effective communication and engagement.