Lululemon 2021 Global Wellbeing Report


The Lululemon 2021 Global Wellbeing Report explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee wellbeing and provides insights for HR leaders. The report is based on a survey of over 3,000 Lululemon employees worldwide.

Key takeaways for HR leaders include:

1. Mental health is a top concern: The report highlights the importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace. It reveals that 78% of employees experienced increased stress levels during the pandemic, emphasizing the need for HR leaders to provide resources and support for mental wellbeing.

2. Remote work has both benefits and challenges: The shift to remote work brought advantages such as increased flexibility and reduced commuting stress. However, it also presented challenges like blurred work-life boundaries and feelings of isolation. HR leaders should consider implementing policies and initiatives to address these challenges and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

3. Employee engagement and connection are crucial: The report emphasizes the significance of fostering a sense of connection and belonging among employees. It suggests that HR leaders should focus on creating opportunities for virtual social interactions, team building, and recognition to maintain employee engagement and morale.

4. Wellbeing programs have a positive impact: The study shows that employees who participated in wellbeing programs reported higher job satisfaction, productivity, and overall wellbeing. HR leaders should invest in comprehensive wellbeing initiatives that address physical, mental, and emotional health to support employee satisfaction and performance.

In conclusion, the Lululemon 2021 Global Wellbeing Report highlights the importance of prioritizing mental health, addressing the challenges of remote work, fostering employee engagement, and implementing comprehensive wellbeing programs. HR leaders can use these insights to develop strategies that promote employee wellbeing and enhance organizational performance.