P.E.I. health-care system ‘on the brink’ as nursing shortage worsens


The article discusses the ongoing healthcare crisis in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, and its impact on nurses, doctors, and hospitals. The key takeaways for HR leaders are:

1. Shortage of healthcare professionals: PEI is facing a severe shortage of nurses and doctors, leading to increased workload and burnout among existing healthcare staff. This shortage has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Recruitment challenges: HR leaders in healthcare organizations in PEI are struggling to attract and retain healthcare professionals. The remote location of the island, limited career advancement opportunities, and high cost of living are some of the factors contributing to recruitment challenges.

3. Need for competitive compensation: In order to attract and retain healthcare professionals, HR leaders need to offer competitive compensation packages. Currently, healthcare professionals in PEI are paid less compared to their counterparts in other provinces, making it difficult to attract talent.

4. Impact on patient care: The shortage of healthcare professionals is directly impacting patient care in PEI. Longer wait times, limited access to specialized care, and increased workload for existing staff are some of the consequences of the healthcare crisis. HR leaders need to address these issues to ensure quality patient care.

5. Importance of collaboration: HR leaders in healthcare organizations should collaborate with government agencies, educational institutions, and professional associations to develop strategies for addressing the healthcare crisis. This includes initiatives to attract more healthcare professionals to the island, providing incentives for rural practice, and improving working conditions.

6. Focus on employee well-being: HR leaders need to prioritize the well-being of healthcare professionals by implementing strategies to prevent burnout, providing mental health support, and promoting work-life balance. This can help in retaining existing staff and attracting new talent.

7. Long-term planning: HR leaders should engage in long-term planning to address the healthcare crisis in PEI. This includes forecasting future workforce needs, investing in training and education programs, and developing strategies to retain healthcare professionals in the long run.

Overall, HR leaders in healthcare organizations in PEI need to address the shortage of healthcare professionals, attract and retain talent, improve patient care, collaborate with stakeholders, prioritize employee well-being, and engage in long-term planning to overcome the healthcare crisis.